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Learn How to Play Your Best Golf

Typically the 30-45 minute lesson will not yield enough information for the instructor(s) to evaluate all the student’s deficiencies. We take the time to know each student, which gives both parties a greater chance to accomplish the goal of better Golf. We also understand that almost everyone who plays Golf has a different approach to the game; both physically and mentally. Our proven success after a combined 65 years in the Golf Industry allows us to effectively teach players the way to – PLAY YOUR BEST GOLF.

1-Day Camp

Each of our 1-Day Camps are designed to have an intense focus on the Area of Emphasis you select. Only teaching the specific Area of Emphasis maximizes your ability to get the most out of learning experience. LIVE. PLAY. BETTER.

2-Day Camp

In this 2-Day Camp, we will focus on all of the specific Areas of Emphasis. This affords the student who has yet to identify their specific problem area(s) to choose this camp and LIVE. PLAY. BETTER.

Corporate Challenge

Here we will cover all specific Areas of EmphasisIn addition, THE MENTAL GAME will be introduced to the each player. This aspect is by far the most difficult to achieve.. The perfect Corporate atmosphere for learning this difficult game of a lifetime. Our approach makes it easier to understand and more enjoyable to all. LIVE. PLAY. BETTER.

Short Game

This Camp will focus on play around the greens. (75\75) This refers to the fact that low handicappers will hit 75% of their shots within 75 yards of the cup. Principles of Putting, Chipping and Pitching will be emphasized during both days of instruction. *Note Strengthen you backs – Thousands of Balls will be hit.

The Full Swing

The Camp focuses on the fundamentals of the Swing. The Pre-Shot will include areas of Grip, Posture, Alignment and how to consistently return to these positions. The In-Swing principles include Ball Position, Swing Plane, Impact Position and Finish Position. *NoteBring Several Gloves – We will hit HUNDREDS of Balls.

Course Strategy

This Camp offers real Golf Situations and how to evaluate the best decision based on your current skill level. This game is play from the Neck UP…. It’s time to learn this. *NotePlay your shot – PLAY YOUR BEST GOLF.

The Mental Game

This Camp will give the student an insight to their game. They will be taught think independently and be decisive regarding their choices. They will understand that they have tendencies and how to read them. Most importantly they will learn to remain positive which will lead to PLAYING YOUR BEST GOLF. *NoteThink before you swing – Be positive and score better.


1-Day and 2-Day Camps

  • Short Game
  • Full Swing
  • Course Strategy

Corporate Challenge

  • Short Game
  • Full Swing
  • Course Strategy
  • The Mental Game

“CAMP GOLF is exactly what is needed to develop our future College Golf Programs. John and Rusty are a perfect team and have the experience to pass on to these players. If you can – Get to one of the CAMP GOLF Programs.”

– Andy Smith III
Women’s Golf Coach UMKC

“Russ has done an Excellent Job in all the Junior Programs he has ran, especially our FCA Golf Camp. His Passion and Expertise in the Field has helped many young aspiring players!”

– Todd Mathew
FCA Director N. Missouri

What to Expect at GreatLIFE Golf Academy

Each Student will be evaluated on the merits of each Specific GOLF CAMP they attend. They will be analyzed with Video Equipment, which will be emailed to the student upon completion of the Camp. During the GreatLIFE Golf Academy they will be assessed as an Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic learner. This determines how they will be instructed throughout the remainder of the session. Each Area of Emphasis at GreatLIFE Golf Academy will have a specific Goal for each Student. This will be coordinated depending on the Students’ Level of Skill. As an example, The Short Game will specific Drills, Practice Regimens and Instruction for each Student for every aspect. Putting, Chipping and Pitching will be taught at a level that each student will learn and excel.

After GreatLIFE Golf Academy is completed, each student will know How to Practice, What to Practice and When to Practice each aspect of the respective Camps. A written Evaluation will be distributed to each Student for review and to pass on to their Coach or Instructor at home to utilize for their future. We want GreatLIFE Golf Academy to teach Students to PLAY YOUR BEST GOLF.

Camp Golf

Why GreatLIFE Golf Academy

Most golf camps have a 12-1 Student to Instructor Ratio or sometimes a little more. We will have a LIMIT of 10 Students per GreatLIFE Golf Academy session to insure a 5-1 Ratio. Generally, Jr. Golf Camps are 6 weeks (one day per week) sessions and last an hour for 1 day each week. A typical rate is $100-$150 for either of those types of Junior Camps.

At GreatLIFE Golf Academy each 2-Day Camps will provide 2 meals each day, 2 Instructors who have a passion for the game and experience to match, 12 hours of instruction/practice with one on one time for everyone, Video Analysis and Written Reviews of each Student.

Students will be exposed to a number of Drills, Exercises, Techniques, Instruction and Specific Information to help improve their ability. At GreatLIFE Golf Academy we utilize specific training aids which achieve results for our Students. These may include Orange Whip, Medicus, Eye Line Golf Products, Swingbyte and Tour Tempo Products. AVERAGE is NOT our Goal – We want Success so that each Student can take the information and PLAY YOUR BEST GOLF.

GreatLIFE Golf Academy


Camp Golf

Students will be exposed to a number of Drills, Exercises, Techniques, Instruction and Specific Information to help improve their ability. At CAMP GOLF we utilize specific training aids which achieve results for our Students.

Meet the Instructors

John Rawdon

John G. Rawdon
PGA – Life Member

John has had an emphasis on Jr. Golf his entire career. He has taught over 50 Jr. Golf Programs and was the lead Instructor at the NIKEGOLF camp. As Coach of UW-EC he led his Women’s Golf Program to third in the Nation.  He has received the honor of NCAA Coach of the Year. Today he resides in Holt, Missouri. He is currently Director of Instruction for GreatLIFE Golf and Lead Instructor for their Junior Golf Series Programs.

Russ Madsen
Former Head Golf Professional

Russ has also led over 50 Jr. Golf Programs in his career. He always wants to give back to the game that has served him well. He has been Head Professional at Green Hills Golf Course and The Chillicothe Country Club. Over the years he has helped develop over 100 High School State Qualifiers. During the past 3 years he helped start and still operates the FCA Golf Camp and serves as lead Clinician. Currently, he owns his own business and resides in Chillicothe, Missouri and teaches at Green Hills Golf Course and The Chillicothe Country Club.

John Rawdon

Student Questionnaire

Learn How to Play Your Best Golf

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